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If you have a question, it would be a good idea to call and talk to a live person. But if there is no rush, and you feel like your question could help us improve our services, please use the space provided below to share your thoughts and ideas so that others can benefit, and also help us serve your needs.

68 thoughts on “Ask me anything :)

  1. Kate

    Great resource! Expanding the number of books would make it better, I’m only a second year undergraduate and already none of my books are general enough to be on the site

    1. admin

      thank you for your feed back! We actually have up to 2.6 million unique ISBN that we could offer, unfortunately, this semester, all five campuses of the University of Minnesota are only using 1743 of those.
      Not to worry though, we are working on a system that will allow you to sell just about any textbooks that you ever had, starting Fall 2018.

  2. Will Harens

    I’ve tried selling 4 books that I used in mechanical engineering courses and the search engine shows that the ISBN is not in the system.

    1. admin

      Will, thank you for your feedback! Because we had just launched, we thought that it would be best to only offer the books that are actually needed, but that was one person’t idea out of over 56000 of us. we will certainly expand the number of books in the system in the next few months, and you should be able to sell your books if you still have it then.

  3. Jessica

    What about Graduate school students/books? Do you include them? I’ve tried selling 4 books and none of their ISBNs come up.

    1. admin

      Hello Jessica,

      I am sorry that none of your books came up! We are only offering the books that other students within the University of Minnesota are using this semester Do you mind sharing the ISBN for the four books that you tried selling?

      1. Jessica

        Not a problem, it is possible classes have already moved on to the newest edition or are not offered in Spring. The ISBN numbers are 9781305628007, 9781449665487, 9780803639218, 9780826195517

      2. admin

        Hopefully these books all come back in the Fall Jessica, and how long have you been saving them for?

  4. winkl079

    This is a great idea, thanks guys for thinking about this!

    1. Bruno

      Thank you, that is so nice of you!

      1. admin

        Feedbacks like these ones are always welcome, thank you!

  5. Luke L

    A nice QOL thing would be to have an option to show more items more page when scrolling through long lists instead of the standard 15 items or whatever it is.

    1. admin

      Is that something that you can actually do Luke, or just a thought?
      I agree with you though!

  6. mccul197

    I would love to know when my textbook will ship, and an estimated ETA. I just ordered my book today, when will I recieve it??

    1. admin

      I can email you the tracking number once they are shipped, or personally bring them over to campus if you go to the Twin Cities Campus!

      1. mccul197

        Great!! Could you do either of these for me– whichever way is the quickest to get my book? Email:

  7. umnstudent2928

    When purchasing a book, how do you ensure that it goes to your shipping address rather than billing address? I was also curious how long it takes for the books to arrive.

    1. admin

      Initially, we failed to realize that one’s shipping address could be different from their shipping address, which we are working on fixing now. for the meantime, please email – basically providing your order ID number and the address where you would like your order shipped to.

  8. Mikaela

    Is there a way we can see what the condition of the books are in before we purchase?

    1. admin

      Please expect all the books to be used but very good condition. In some cases they would be new, but don’t expect this to be the case – we can only promise that the books would be in a very good condition.

  9. Sierra

    There were no shipping details included in my order confirmation from PayPal and my card was charged.

    1. Bruno

      Was your shipping address different from the billing address too? Could you please provide us with your shipping address?

      1. Sierra

        Yes it was. Should I email my shipping address to an email?

      2. admin

        Please email it to
        How long ago was it you ordered?

      3. Sierra

        January 4th

  10. mlkrause929

    Hi, my shipping address is different from my billing address and I did not receive a confirmation email. Should I be contacting someone to receive a confirmation?

    1. admin

      Hey Makenzie,

      Please send your mailing address to Bruno –

  11. Jillian Gauer

    I am trying to sell my calculus book to you but I did not receive a confirmation email saying that you received my order. Should I still ship it to you?

  12. suden003

    Hi! I ordered my books several days ago. When can I expect my books? I will need them very soon.

    1. admin


      Please let us know if you don’t receive it by Tuesday when you get your mails, and we can arrange to bring replacements on Campus by the end of the day Tuesday okay?

      1. suden003

        Will do! Thank you.

      2. suden003

        Hi, I did not recieve my books today.

      3. suden003

        When can I plan/expect to get my books?

  13. Mingyi

    How long does the shipping usually take?

    1. admin

      For orders placed today, delivery could go from January 17 to 22nd. We are doing all that we can to get students their books as quickly as we possibly can, but that is the timeline.

  14. Vianna

    There was no shipping information in the confirmation email, but my billing address is the same as shipping. Would my billing address be used to for shipping since there was no information put in during checkout?

    1. admin

      Did you have a different address to provide Vianna? If so, please send it via email to

  15. Genevieve

    Is it possible to cancel part of an order?

  16. Kia

    My confirmation email has my shipping address in the place of my billing address. Does that mean that there as been a mix up between the two as they are separate?

  17. anissa98

    Hi, I placed my book order on January 9th and my orders page still has the order listed as “processing.” Will I be receiving my book soon?
    Thanks in advance!

  18. Baley

    I just placed an order and my billing address is not the same as my shipping address, could I possibly get that changed? I am order number 9813.

  19. Munira

    The book had a lot more highlighting / notes than I was expecting based on the description.

  20. Emily

    Great! Thank you! Very happy about my purchasewalte

  21. Jaeseok

    Smooth Transaction. Thank you!

  22. AlKhalil

    I didn’t have any issues and the books arrived early or on time.

  23. Bekzat

    Good job . I m particularly impressed that this is being ran by other students.

  24. Benjamin

    The item was described as the seller mentioned! I returned it due to my brother already buying me it and no longer needed it. The return was smooth and easy!

  25. Emily

    quick delivery and great service

  26. Sara

    Overall condition of book was good. However, I did not expect it to be highlighted all the way through and with writing in the margins throughout the entire book

  27. Abigail

    Arrived promptly and is in very good condition.

  28. Robert

    Amazing service, thank you guys!

  29. Cole

    Book arrived in a timely fashion and condition described by the seller was accurate.

  30. Corinna

    New books, arrived on time.

  31. Danielle

    Super fast and looks brand new. Thanks!

  32. Zamzam

    Fantastic experience with this service. Speedy delivery and in perfect condition.

  33. Abdijibar

    I haven’t receive my books

  34. Juseon


  35. Anna

    awesome experience!

  36. Ousmael

    Everything worked out well. Really like the book, the price and the service too!

  37. Daniel

    Love this author. I think I have everything she has written

  38. Carmen

    All went well.

  39. Kyra

    Book arrived in a timely fashion and condition described by the seller was accurate.

  40. Ryan

    fast delivery no problems

  41. Hannah

    Excellent condition. Shipping only took one day longer than expected, but the book was safely packaged and in condition I expected.

  42. Andrew

    Arrived on time

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