About Us


My name is Alida, I am a graduate student here at the University of Iowa, and also the founder of UIOWAMARKET.COM – A centralized marketplace that enables students from the University of Iowa to buy and sell textbooks and other course materials.

Here at UIOWAMARKET, my team and I are working very hard to ensure that those who attend the University of Iowa after us, never have to face the same difficulties that we are facing today as far as paying $100 for a textbook and not being able to sell back at all, or getting $10 back if we are lucky. Our mission is to ensure that:

None of ever has to drive again all the way to the bookstore under severe weather condition – you know how cold it gets in Iowa!

None of us ever have to wait hours or even minutes in long lines at the bookstore to pay for, or sell our books.

We also want to ensure that from now on, that no one of us ever has to pay $100 on the same textbook that another student is giving away for $10, or receive less than a fair value for the book that s/he is trying to sell.